5 June 2021, 6pm
Duration: 1 hour
Price: €6,00 - €19,00
Venue: Vilnius Congress Hall (Vilniaus Str. 6-1, Vilnius)
Actor / Actors Actors of the “Keistuolių” Theatre
Orchestra Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Ričardas Šumila

Programme include such songs of the “Keistuoliai” Theatre as “Africa”, “Upside Down”, “Crow Albertina”, “The Yellow Brick Road”, “I Wasn’t There”, “Beyond Forests, Beyond Mountains”, “Little Blue Bus”, “Lullaby of the Kings”, etc.


"Some called me a white crow, others just Albertina, some doubted if I was a bird at all... One thing is clear, though: I looked WEIRD."

This time, everyone's favourite "Keistuolių" Theatre  did not hesitate to once again smear its feathers in different colours: on an autumn afternoon, musical spells at the Vilnius Congress Hall will turn them into... "Symphonic Keistuoliai"! How? Together with the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Ričardas Šumila, performing the favorite songs of "Keistuoliai" on stage, which we will undoubtedly sing or humm together. And where else would there be this great opportunity for our little listeners to get acquainted with the symphony orchestra up close, to see and hear the different and extraordinary sounds of instruments born in the hands of many musicians!

There is probably no one who would not smile at the thought of "Keistuolių” Theatre. Quite a few generations grew up with this ensemble that was established 1989 – they loved sincere, funny actors of the theatre, memorized songs that would never get boring, and had a great deal of fun. It is no surprise that in 2009 "Keistuolių” Theatre was bestowed a beautiful and meaningful statue of the Enlightenment of the Year "For the Protected Consciousness of a Child".

“Keistuolių” Theatre has already become a metaphor used in common language to describe something unexpected. The theatre’s creative team is not afraid to break the canons of the classical music, literature, theatre and film genres. The actors create their own songs, write original scripts with a dash of subtle humor and self-irony. Avoiding everything that is boring and banal, "Keistuolių" Theatre tries to pave a colourful path for the viewer from a wonderful childhood into a strange world of adults. As they themselves sing dreamily: "It is only important to really want, try and believe..."

NOTE: For better visibility, we recommend that children under the age of 7 choose a seat in the stalls.


  • 20% off for senior and disabled people. Valid for two tickets when purchased at the Vilnius Congress Hall Box Office upon providing a valid identity document.
  • 20% off for groups. Valid for groups of 20 or more people. The organiser of the group gets two complimentary tickets to the concert attended by the group.

Discounts do not apply for standing-room and additional-seat tickets.

An extra charge of 1 euro by Tiketa UAB is excluded (discount not applicable).