10 November 2018, 6pm
Duration: 1 hour
Price: €4,00 - €10,00
Venue: Vilnius Congress Hall (Vilniaus Str. 6-1, Vilnius)
Klavesinas Vaiva Eidukaitytė-Storastienė (Lithuanian Chamber Orchestra)
Flute Andrius Radziukynas
Bassoon Andrius Puplauskis
Violin Zbigniev Levicki, Dainius Narkevičius, Ieva Sipaitytė, Vytautas Martišius, Monika Vasiliauskaitė, Toma Bandzaitytė
Viola Ričardas Vytas
Cello Povilas Jacunskas, Arnas Kmieliauskas
Double bass Arūnas Kučinskas

In celebration of Johann Sebastian Bach's 333rd birthday

Concert programme

Johann Sebastian Bach. Brandenburg Concerto No. 5 for Flute, Violin, Harpsichord and Chamber Orchestra
Johann Sebastian Bach. Prelude in B Minor, BWV 923, for Harpsichord Solo
Pēteris Vasks. Landscape With Birds for Flute Solo
Georg Philipp Telemann. Sonata in F Minor for Bassoon and Basso Continuo
Georg Friedrich Händel. Sonata for Two Cellos and Chamber Ensemble, Parts 1 and 2
Andrius Puplauskis. Modern Baroque, an improvisation for Bassoon Solo
Antonio Vivaldi. Winter from The Four Seasons, Parts 1 and 2
Arvo Pärt. Fratres (Brothers) for Two Cellos and Chamber Ensemble

* * *

Soloists of the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra invite you to spend this autumn evening in a warm, intimate atmosphere with Baroque masterpieces. "This music is extremely harmonious, full of light. It contains no destructiveness; when you play or listen to it, your heart is filled with joy and happiness," says the originator of the concert, flutist of the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra, Andrius Radziukynas.

As most of you know, the word baroque was a Portuguese term for a pearl (barroco) with an irregular shape. This is what Baroque music is like: elaborate, emanating magical light like a gemstone. Under the Light of Baroque evening will bring together classical Baroque and its modern interpretations. Bach, Telemann, Händel, Vivaldi are the names of the Baroque geniuses, who were the cornerstones of the entire musical scene in the 17th–18th centuries. This concert will present their compositions in an intriguing dialogue with contemporary pieces such as Pēteris Vasks's impressionistic, picturesque and emotive Landscape With Birds for Flute performed by Andrius Radziukynas and a Solo Improvisation for Bassoon by one of the leading Lithuanian bassoon players, Andrius Puplauskis. The concert will also feature Fratres by Arvo Pärt, a mesmerising fusion of elemental energy and majestic serenity, the quintessence of one moment in eternity.

This concert brings together a remarkable lineup of the Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra's principal players. Apart from the orchestra, the musicians play in other famed ensembles: Andrius Puplauskis in St. Christopher Quintet, Ieva Sipaitytė in Chordos Quartet, Toma Bandzaitytė and Ričardas Vytas in Musica Humana Ensemble, Povilas Jacunskas in FortVio Trio and Arnas Kmieliauskas in Microorkéstra and Twenty Fingers Duo ensembles.