7 June 2019, 8pm
Duration: 2 hours
Price: €9,00 - €16,00
Venue: Vilnius Picture Gallery Courtyard (Didžioji Str. 4, Vilnius)
Soloist / Soloists Povilas Meškėla, Česlovas Gabalis, Jeronimas Milius
Orchestra Lithuanian State Symphony Orchestra
Conductor Gintaras Rinkevičius


The programme features songs by Depeche Mode, Queen, Nirvana, Billy Idol and other groups and vocalists.


If you dream of a perfect summer night and a real open-air rock music event – Rock Ballads is certainly a concert for you! Povilas Meškėla, Česlovas Gabalis and Jeronimas Milius are hugely talented and charismatic vocalists, leaders of legendary rock bands and winners of many musical awards. Friends on stage and in life, they always create an unforgettable experience imbued with an adventurous and free spirit, vitality and great emotions. No doubt that these fascinating artists and their performance of the wonderful programme will make for a special evening that you will never forget.

Depeche Mode, Metallica, Nirvana and Queen are the world stars whose creative work outlines the entire music epoch and has shaped musical taste of several generations. The biggest stages, record sales of millions copies and crowds of fans all show that these groups were phenomenal in the history of musical culture. The music that they created was an integral part of each music lover's life; their songs are sung by heart by millions of people worldwide. For the spirit of unrestrained love, freedom and nonconformity underlying this music is bound to stand the test of time. No wonder then that music critics speak about the unparalleled influence of these musicians.

This evening provides you with a unique opportunity to hear this music live and – rock the house! Believe it or not, with the three amazing rockers on stage, we are not going to hold you back.